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NGIN would like to thank it's Corporate Sponsors for their continued and valued support of the Network. 


Opportunities are available for corporate sponsorship of NGIN. We have comprehensive sponsorship packages available offering a range of benefits for your organsation. If you would like to discuss these packages please contact the Head of Sponsorships for further details - Enquire about sponsoring NGIN




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“Alone we can go far, but together we can go further”


This quotation sits in line with our philosophy to provide the Next Generation of insurance professionals with specialist career development and networking opportunities through a variety of learning and development events. Therefore it is fundamental that strong links are established and built upon, forming credible partnerships within the Insurance sector such as those below:


  • Professional bodies 

  • Brokerages and Insurers

  • Lloyd’s Community Programme

  • YIPS (Australian Young Insurance Professionals Network)


We actively endeavour to bring other networks with a similar cause to our own together, and we looking forward to seeing where our next partnership may develop. Enquire to become an NGIN Partner


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What do we do?


The network aims to work closely with insurers, reinsurers, brokers, Lloyd’s and other leading industry bodies and insurance functions to create a common ground where ideas and experiences can be shared, relationships forged and careers supported.


This is accomplished through the arranging and hosting of Formal and Social events, with keynote speakers and established professionals delivering high quality advice, opinions and thoughts on subjects and topics relevant a young professional audience.


The network is also piloting a mentoring scheme to further enhance the NGIN experience.


The Network thus offers to young professionals in insurance the unique opportunity to discover companies and meet individuals that they would have little to no contact with in their daily roles.


This, in turn, expands their knowledge of the industry as a whole as well as providing the potential to greatly expand personal and professional relationships.

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