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Did you know that professionals who take part in mentoring programmes are statistically five times more likely to earn promotions than those who do not?

As a Mentee you will be paired up with someone from a different company, this ensures that feedback will be impartial and without bias.


As a Mentor, you will be able to advise and guide the Mentee through the formative stages of their career, helping them to develop both personally and within their specific role and company.


It will be a two way relationship with both parties benefiting and developing as a result of the programme.
















**Applications are now closed for the 2018 scheme**

Thank you to DAC Beachcroft for hosting our 4th Speed Mentoring event on 24 January 2018.

We are currently in the process of matching mentors and mentees so keep your eyes peeled for further information.


Previous Events:


NGIN would like to thank DAC Beachcroft for their generous sponsorship of our 1st and 3rd Speed Mentoring Event which took place on the 9th of September 2015 and 22nd February 2017. 

NGIN would like to thank Liberty Specialty Markets for their generous support of our 2nd Speed Mentoring Event which took place on the 24th February 2016. 





 NGIN Mentor Application Form 




 NGIN Mentee Application Form


Testimonial - Jack Hammond, Aon


“The NGIN mentoring programme was a lot of fun: it was great to meet other members of the insurance industry and grow my network. I did not have any expectations going into the programme as I have never mentored anyone before. I thought the speed mentoring was a good idea because it encouraged you to ask the most salient questions given the very limited amount of time. The whole process was very informative and enjoyable, which is what I was hoping for. I thought my mentee was very well suited to me and I hope we can continue being associates in the future. I would definitely recommend this programme to anyone. The main highlight for me was meeting someone who was not in the same company and who was in a different area of insurance where I learned a lot about what my mentee’s role involved and improved my knowledge of the wider insurance industry. I just hope I helped him develop as well.”

Please email Katie at with any questions.

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